Kush – The Best Strains Online

Kush cannabis strain
Source: The Growth OP

When it comes to buying strains, there are many options available today than there were a few years ago. So, you can choose from a variety of strains that come with different characteristics. One of the names that stand tall in the world of strains is ‘Kush’. This is a specific type of weeds which descents from the Hindu Kush mountains, covering the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. In this article we will discuss what makes Kush the best strains online.

Kush strains are known for their strong genetics and some of the unique characteristics are as follows:

Appearance – The typical appearance of Kush is deep forest green with a dash of purple. The pistil or tiny hairs may be bronze, orange or rust hued. The buds are usually knotted, chunky and dense, shaped like popcorn. They come from thick and stocky plants

Aroma – The smell usually varies between sweet, floral, earthy, pungent, incense, pine, pepper, gas, herbs, and citrus.

Effects – The strain has a deep sedative effect on the user. The cross-hybrid strains of deep green are known for creating a sense of euphoria which can make a consumer feel deeply relaxed, stress-relieved and happy. The cerebral effects induced by Kush make them one of the most popular strains online

Flavor – The smoke or vapor that is generated from the use of herbs is smooth and flavorful. Grabba Leaf from the finest tobacco available, ensuring a smooth smoke from beginning to end. They may taste like grapes, flowers, citrus, sour diesel or earth. 

These different attributes greatly impact a Kush strain, how it is grown and its unique characteristics. 

Popular Varieties of Kush

If you search online with the term Kush, it will yield a lot of results and most of them have an Afghani ancestor. Here are the most popular five strains of all:

  1. OG Kush – This is one of the most popular of the Kush varieties and it is typically known for its sweet flavor and Indica-dominant hybrid scale. The comfortable yet powerful sedation effect brought about by this herb creates an uplifting euphoria that makes you feel good.
  2. Bubba Kush – When people think of Indica-Dominant Kush, the first name that comes to the mind is usually of Bubba. This strain is known for its sedative and stony effect. It is known for inducing sleep and within minutes of smoking the strain, you feel heavy and sleepy. It relieves you off the stress and transports you into a happy mood. It can also make you very hungry so make sure you have enough food in the fridge. 
  3. Skywalker OG – As the name suggests, this strain is similar to OG Kush. It takes the classic characteristics of OG Kush and improves upon its sedating effects, with the additional influence of Skywalker. This Kush characterizes a diesel-driven, fruity aroma and flavor which transports user into a state of ecstasy. 
  4. Purple Kush – This is a perfect model of Indica-dominant characteristics. It is known for its purple foliage and usually has a grapey and earthy flavor along with sedative effects
  5. Master Kush – This is yet another classic Kush that inherits characteristics from the Hindu Kush. It is known for having a mix of happy, sleepy, and relaxing effect on the user. It is an excellent alternative to Bubba.