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  • Folk music's diversity on full display at Great River festival
    Folk music defies a simple definition, although “American roots music” is perhaps the closest to capturing its essence.
  • In demand outlaw
    Sunday, June 30, 2013 9:34 AM
    Merle Haggard is a man of many legacies — country music icon, creator of the Bakersfield sound, spirit of the Silent Majority — but before he became stitched into the fabric of American music lore, Merle Haggard was an Outlaw.
  • Dar Williams headlines folk festival
    Folk superstar Dar Williams will be the opening act for the 2013 Great River Folk Festival running from Aug. 23-35.
  • 1. Electronic billboard
    2. Middle school football team
    3. Rail liquor selection
    4. Parking ramp
    5. Internet troll
    6. Graffiti artist
    7. Kwik Trip
  • 1. Pete Best
    2. Milwaukee's Best
    3. "Best in Show"
    4. Best Western
    5. Best Coast
    6. Best Buy
    7. 'My Best Friend's Girl"
  • Steve Harm

    What is your beverage of choice: I just love an ice cold water, or a chocolate malt. NOT A SHAKE.

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