Editor’s Note: Our fourth annual Best of La Crosse contest drew approximately 1,775 voters, all through our website. We would like to thank the voters, as well as the many local businesses that advertised in this issue, for their support of the free press in La Crosse. Winners in the music division will be announced in our October edition.

Fine Dining

1. Freight House (22 percent)
2. The Waterfront (21 percent)
3. Digger’s Sting (20 percent)
3. Kate’s on State (20 percent)
Supper says: Come for the fat slices of prime rib, stay for another bottle from their exemplary wine cellar. When it comes to fine dining in La Crosse, options are expanding and passions are divided (look at those razor-thin vote totals!), but this year’s favorite option is the beloved Freight House. It’s the perfect place to savor a long evening with that special someone. For example: College students, feel free to mention this award-winner to your visiting parents or grandparents.
Voters say: Le Chateau garnered several comments, including, “It’s like eating in Paris,” in the category that drew more and longer (we hear you, 4 Sisters fan) comments, than any other.

Pizza - Restaurant
1. Pizza Amore (30 percent)
2. Big Al’s (28 percent)
3. Edwardo’s (13 percent)
3. T-Jo’s (13 percent)
Supper says: Whether you’re a traditionalist or looking to try something unique, Kate and her crew whip up gourmet pizza perfection every time, in a softly-lit atmosphere that’s modish, but not at all stuffy. The freshest toppings coupled with homemade sauces on a delectable crust ensure you will never leave disappointed. Don’t forget to order the Giant Stuffed Meatball as an essential precursor.
Voters say: Again, one of the finalists drew the most comments from fervent fans such as: “T-Jo’s, hands down. Whoever says any different hasn’t had T-Jo’s yet.”

Pizza – Delivery or Pickup
1. Toppers (28 percent)
2. Politos (26 percent)
3. Pizza King (22 percent)
Supper says: It all starts when you pick up the phone and hear the specials from the funniest answering machine voice in regional franchise pizza-dom. Then there’s the quick delivery, the multitude of dipping sauces, those pepper things, and the expansive menu that meets all of your munchie needs. Oh yes — and they deliver later than you should even be awake. Bless you, Toppers, for everything you do.
Voters say: Most of the pie lovers took us to task for including Happy Joe’s on the ballot, but one pizza lover really captured the flavor of this category: “Makes you love and hate yourself at the same time.”

Chinese Food
1. Hunan (39 percent)
2. China Star (28 percent)
3. Great Wall (18 percent)
Supper says: Chinese restaurants come and go in the city of La Crosse, but Hunan has been the dependable cornerstone in the heart of downtown. Great soups, hearty entrees, and flaky egg rolls have earned the loyal following and the repeat title of La Crosse’s favorite Chinese food.
Voters say: Again, they say the survey is flawed … The Dragon has closed, which didn’t stop 69 voters from checking the box, and one who vowed “it was the best when it was.”

1. Dublin Square (25 percent)
2. Sloopy’s Alma Mater (21 percent)
3. Rudy’s Drive In (14 percent)
Supper says: When Dublin Square first dug into the corner of Third and Main streets a mere three St. Patrick’s Days ago, it had its eyes on the crown of best burgers in town. After serving up a half-pound, fresh-ground patty of Angus beef beneath a wide smattering of topping, this doesn’t seem to be a title it will be relinquishing any time soon.
Voters say: “I want a burger and I am hung over. The Irish understand this need most.”

Mexican Food
1. Manny’s Cocina (33 percent)
2. Tequila Mexican Restaurant (20 percent)
3. Fiesta Mexicana (19 percent)
Supper says: There are several ways to serve Mexican food, and Manny’s Cocina does it big and rich. Between hearty portions, creamy sauces, strong drinks, juicy meat, and perhaps the best fish selection in the Coulee Region, Manny’s Cocina is a treat for any food lover, and it’s your pick for best Mexican restaurant in town.
Voters say: We’re hoping this reader was joking (an lol was included) but the comment for one of the restaurants on the ballot noted, “They hardly speak English it’s so authentic. lol.”

Candy Shop
1. The Pearl (44 percent)
2. The Sweet Shop (25 percent)
3. Ranison (21 percent)
Supper says: Glass jars brimming with colorful confections and lined up on towering antique wooden shelves make us feel like we’ve just walked in on Willy Wonka’s private reserve. The Pearl’s truffle and fudge selection must be perused, sure, but it’s the baggies of “gold” coins, ribbons of candy buttons, and giant rainbow-swirled lollipops that will make even the most jaded of adults start digging for quarters like a kid again.
Voters say: “Candy cigarettes … reminds me of the good old days!” Another reader shares, “Ice cream can’t be beat.” And still another loves those “fragrant waffle goddamn cones; also mint chocolate chip.”

Breakfast Menu
1. Fayze’s Restaurant (36 percent)
2. Margie’s (18 percent)
3. Old Style Inn (11 percent)
Supper says: Between basic breakfast ingredients (eggs, bacon, flour) and some more exotic fare (wild rice, kielbasa) Fayze’s Restaurant offers up over 30 unique breakfast platters, and all are filling and pretty darn cheap. It’s the rare breakfast joint equally qualified for curing a hangover as treating your grandmother.
Voters say: “Eating Eggs Benedict somehow lessens the crimes of the historical traitor.”

Lunch Menu
1. Pickerman’s Soup & Sandwich (34 percent)
2. Fat Sam’s (26 percent)
3. Beef & Etc. (10 percent)
Supper says: Come to Pickerman’s any time around noon, and you’ll find plenty of folks from LHI, SAP, Kaplan and many of the other downtown office drones enjoying a mid-day meal. But you don’t need to be a 9-to-5 (err, 8-to-5) warrior in order to enjoy a delicious lunch. A savory menu of sandwiches, salads, and soups is available to those of any employment orientation.
Voters say: “Who needs healthy lunch options?”

1. Sports Nut (28 percent)
2. Blue Moon (22 percent)
3. Features (12 percent)
Supper says: Yes, chicken wings run this city, but don’t settle for 10-cent castoffs just because it’s Wednesday and all of La Crosse smells like fried breading. No, when you chose to order buffalo wings, make sure you do it at the Sports Nut, where the appendages are meaty, juicy, and way more delicious than they need to be. So whether you like your wings to be Hades-level spicy, chef’s choice flavorful, or some combination of the two, make sure you cruise up to the near Northside to enjoy La Crosse’s best.
Voters say: A surprising number noted, “Don’t eat them.”

Soup Selection
1. Pickerman’s (49 percent)
2. People’s Food Co-op (20 percent)
3. Fat Sam’s (10 percent)
Supper says: Pickerman’s soup is so tasty, we find ourselves still craving a steamy bowl even in the middle of summer. There’s something for everyone, from a classic meaty chili to an impressive vegetarian roster. If you’d rather slurp while curled up on your couch, check for your favorite flavor in their cooler and take home a quart or two. Their 5 Star Mushroom is not to be missed!
Voters say: “International Bake Shoppe should win, but it’s ending lunch service.”

Family Restaurant
1. Fayze’s Restaurant (51 percent)
2. Schmidty’s (18 percent)
3. Ardie’s Restaurant (14 percent)
Supper says: Grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, bro-in-law, uncle, ma, pa, auntey, step-ma, nana, niece, nephew, son, daughter, step-daughter, cousin, other kin, and a full 51 percent of Second Supper readers agree: Fayze’s is our favorite restaurant to enjoy with the whole family.
Voters say: Really, only one noteworthy comment, from the voter who doesn’t like “disgusting, screaming, diseased children … where I eat.” Lord, no, we can go home if we want that.

Sandwich/Wrap Selection
1. Lindy’s (25 percent)
2. Pickerman’s (20 percent)
3. Fat Sam’s (16 percent)
Supper says: It was a close race, but the variety available at Lindy’s Subs and Salads came out on top again this year. Lindy’s has been a La Crosse staple for over 20 years, and with fresh ingredients, locally baked bread, and a highly customizable menu, even the pickiest eater in your party can find something they like. They offer delivery too, which means you can support local businesses without even leaving the couch.

Coffee Shop
1. Java Vino (18 percent)
2. Jules Coffee House 17 percent)
3. Root Note (14 percent)
Supper says: Voting margins for Best Coffee Shop were razor-thin this year, but despite Java Vino’s slightly out-of-the-way (read: not right downtown) location, they were declared the reigning champs. But the hike is well worth it, as their new location boasts ample seating and an updated menu, in addition to the good wine/good coffee combo that made their name in the first place.
Voters say: McCaffrey’s received several write-in votes, with several voters praising the scones.

Fish Fry
1. Syl’s (28 percent)
2. Ardie’s (14 percent)
3. The View (12 percent)
Supper says: Nothing says Friday night in Wisconsin quite like a fish fry. And nothing says a fish fry in the Coulee Region quite like Syl’s. So start your weekend with our favorite Barre Mills fried (or steamed) fish baron, and savor that sweet flaky tradition.
Voters say: One unhappy customer laments, “This side of the state needs to step it up in the fish department.”

1. People’s Food Co-op 40 percent)
2. Festival Foods (37 percent)
3. Holmen Meat Locker (18 percent)
Supper says: When you’re in the market for a meat market, quality is priority #1. You want the juiciest cuts of the freshest meats, a variety of fish, and butchers who know how to slice it and where it was farmed. Throw in an interesting assortment of handmade salads and sides, and you’ll have La Crosse’s #1 deli: The People’s Food Co-op.
Voters say: ‘London Broil. Google that.”

1. Freight House (32 percent)
2. Digger’s Sting (30 percent)
3. Piggy’s Restaurant (15 percent)
Supper says: The reigning champion of the char broil, the Freight House knows there’s more than one way to cook a steak. From the fat porterhouse cuts to the legendary prime rib that melts in your mouth like a cream pie, this is where La Crosse goes when it wants to find the beef. The Freight House chefs will surely know just what to do with it.
Voters say: This one drew a smile: “It’s fun to eat where your grandfather does.”

International cuisine
1. Dublin Square (49 percent)
2. Taste of India (21 percent)
3. Le Chateau (11 percent)
Supper says: One of the more positive developments in the three-year history of Second Supper’s Best of La Crosse Awards is the explosion of entries in the International Cuisine category. We could hardly dream that La Crosse would have two Indian restaurants, to say nothing of a fine French bistro, but when it comes to dining on the tastes of the world, there’s nothing our readers prefer more than the cuisine of the Emerald Isle, as served up daily by Dublin Square. So grab a shepherd’s pie or an order of corned beef and cabbage and savor the flavor of widened horizons.
Voters say: The Dublin Square fans were out in force … “cause what the Irish are known for is great cooking,” although a voter who went for the runner-up noted, “Taste of India had the most marvelous buffet presentation I’ve ever seen.”

Outdoor Dining
1. Huck Finn’s on the Water (28 percent)
2. Dublin Square (25 percent)
3. Pettibone Boat Club (17 percent)
Supper says: Tucked into a quiet cove of French Island, at the beginning of a Black River backwater alternately dubbed Catgut Slough or Richmond Bay, sits La Crosse’s favorite spot for outdoor dining: Huck Finn’s on the Water. Needless to say, they own the spot. A huge back patio ambles down to the docks where boats of all shapes and sizes moor and passengers disembark for dinner, or more. Like so much of the Coulee Region, this spot is somewhat hidden, but once you find the place, you may never want to leave.
Voters say: Several voters were surprised The Waterfront was not the only nominee, with its patio declared the “hands-down winner.” “Have you seen it?” another fan asked. While perhaps a more budget conscious voter went with Rudy’s: “You can’t beat the roller-skate delivery method, as classy as f*@k.”

East Asian Food
1. Bamboo House (42 percent)
2. Hmong’s Golden Eggrolls (29 percent)
3. Sushi Pirate (19 percent)
Supper says: There was once a time, in the not-so-distant past, when you couldn’t order a decent curry or a pad Thai anywhere in La Crosse. Thankfully, our restaurant options have expanded since those dark ages, but for being the first in town to serve up such choice East Asian fare, Bamboo House is once again our favorite.
Voters say: “No good Asian food in LaX. Please fix that,” one voter pleads.

Regional food
1. Buzzard Billy’s (64 percent)
2. Coney Island (13 percent)
3. Texas Roadhouse (13 percent)
Supper says: We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like to eat at Buzzard Billy’s. With a lengthy menu featuring authentic Cajun cuisine such as Blackened Catfish, Shrimp Po’Boy, and Jambalaya, you’ll discover that the only downfall to dining here is how long it will take you to decide what to order. Hold yourself over with an order of Armadillo Eggs — just make sure to get extras for your friends because you won’t want to share!
Voters say: “The southern maliciousness is palpable.”

Sports Bar

1. Howie’s (30 percent)
2. Flipside Bar & Grill (17 percent)
3. Eagles Nest (13 percent)
Supper says: When Howie’s changed owners and briefly closed its doors for a remodel last year, we weren’t quite certain what to expect when it re-opened. A sportswatcher’s paradise with dozens of flat-screen televisions, a delectable menu, and an impressive row of tap beers was far more than we expected, but we’ve been winning ever since.
Voters say: Perhaps a bit of sarcasm: “I don’t think they have enough TVs.”

Bloody Marys  
1. Del’s (57 percent)
2. Dublin Square (17 percent)
3. Digger’s Sting (7 percent)
Supper says:  Del’s will always have the best Bloodys in town. Period. Even the haters who “can’t stand tomato juice” will be converts when they belly up to the bar and start smelling that homemade spice blend. In a Bloody world where the garnishes often take center stage over the drink itself, you’ll be at the bottom of your glass before you can even bite into that chunk of Pepperjack.
Voters say: Lots of Del’s fans out there. “No contest,” one says. “That drink is like a freaky Greek salad.”

Cocktail Bar
1. Starlite Lounge (51 percent)
2. The Waterfront (17 percent)
3. The Cavalier (13 percent)
Supper says: When you look at the decor, you may think you’re in 1950s New York; when you look at the drink menu, you might feel you’re in 1990s Las Vegas; and when you look at the happy hour specials, you’ll remember you’re in Wisconsin. Mix those elements together and climb a flight of stairs, and you will be in the Starlite Lounge, La Crosse’s favorite cocktail bar.
Voters say: “Just be careful on the way down,” one voter warns after frequenting our winner.

Beer Selection
1. Bodega Brew Pub (65 percent)
2. Pearl Street Brewery (13 percent)
3. Stolpa’s Stein Haus (5 percent)
Supper says: Some imbibers might be overwhelmed at a place that boasts over 400 different kinds of beer. Luckily for them, Bodega has lists organized by different traits as well as the most knowledgeable bartenders in town. So no matter if you walk in with your mind made up, or you need help finding something to suit your tastes, you’ll be quaffing the perfect brew in no time.
Voters say: Let’s hear it for the veterans: “The Viroqua American Legion has a bitchin’ selection, too.”

College Bar
1. Eagles Nest (21 percent)
2. State Room (19 percent)
3. Animal House (16 percent)
Supper says: When it comes to colleges and their amenable bars, what can we say: We like Eagles! La Crosse’s favorite across-the-street-from-a-college bar has a proud history of serving UW-L students and fans, and with a fun atmosphere and affordable drinks, they wouldn’t be surrendering their aerie anytime soon.
Voters say: More sarcasm: “The music is never loud enough.”

Wine Bar/Selection
1. The Wine Guyz (39 percent)
2. 4 Sisters (33 percent)
3. Java Vino (18 percent)
Supper says: You can get lots of beer in this town, and plenty of cheap liquor too, but if you want a lesson on grapes, terroir, and the best pairings with aged cheeses, you simply must plan an evening at WineGuyz. Lose yourself in the thousands of wine bottles on the shelves, the local art on the walls — or perhaps just a free-flowing conversation. In vino veritas.
Voters say: They were relatively quiet, enjoying the fruit of the vine, it seems.

Live Music Venue

1. Popcorn Tavern (30 percent)
2. Root Note (16 percent)
3. La Crosse Center (15 percent)
Supper says: You could travel the entire world seeing concerts in rock clubs and never experience a venue quite like the Popcorn Tavern. Over 40 years old, it’s worn in all the best ways — the dance floor tiles are see-through, the graffiti tells its own stories, and the band stickers adorning every wall are a testimony to the constant growth of Midwest music. Mix in some bartenders who have seen everything but still want you to have a great night — and yes, a nice sound system and clear sight lines —and you have a veritable rock club El Dorado that we can call our own.

1. Kick (31 percent)
2. Dale’s Clothing (28 percent)
3. Tree Huggers Co-op (17 percent)
Supper says: When it comes to the annual battle for La Crosse’s favorite boutique, Kick kicks. Shoes are practically a fetish object in this downtown hub of commerce, and when it comes to slipping your feet into some boutique heels, no one does it better than the Kick chicks.
Voters say: “Cause the name Dale screams fashion savvy.”

Vintage/Thrift Shop
1. Goodwill (46 percent)
2. Second Showing (15 percent)
3. Good Steward (12 percent)
Supper says: Long before Macklemore stormed the airwaves with the sweet sounds of tag-poppin’, Goodwill provided a fun challenge for the thrifty, a helping hand to those in need, an ugly sweater for the college kid with a theme party to go to attend, and a place for anyone who’s ever moved to drop off carloads of unwanted junk. Despite being a big chain, Goodwill has always managed to operate on the, err, goodwill of the community to keep it stocked with an impressive selection of unique, gently used items. It’s shopping that both your wallet and your conscience can feel good about.
The voters say: Our voters have long memories: “Vintage Vogue, we miss you!”

Music Related Store
1. Deaf Ear Records (45 percent)
2. Dave’s Guitar Shop (27 percent)
3. Leithold Music (15 percent)
Supper says: Deaf Ear has always been a sort of Mecca of coolness in La Crosse, and now that vinyl records are back en vogue, it’s become even cooler. Even with the reach of the Internet, Deaf Ear can still be the first place to introduce new music to La Crosse listeners, while still offering plenty of older gems to sift through. Don’t sleep on that tape section either.

Novelty/Specialty Store
1. Pearl Street Books (36 percent)
3. Intimate Treasures (16 percent)
2. Tree Huggers Co-op (16 percent)
Supper says: Cynical folks love to point out how archaic books have become in the Digital Age, but until someone invents a smartphone app that emits the smell of aged pages, people will still love digging through the shelves at their local used bookstore. It’s like a treasure hunt, but with knowledge as the prize. And while we loathe the thought that bookstores may soon become a novelty, there are few stores more special than Pearl Street Books.

1. Metropolitan Salon & Spa (41 percent)
2. The Orange Pearl (22 percent)
3. Salon Medusa (13 percent)
Supper says: Want to be pampered like a princess or strut around with the chic hairstyles of high-fashion living? Book yourself an appointment at Metropolitan Salon & Spa. They’ll make you real pretty-like.
Voters say: The voters offered shout-outs to Denny Rae Arauz, Don, Posh Boxx, the brunette at the front desk, Tim and Erik.

Employer (Large Company)
1. KwikTrip (26 percent)
2. Gundersen Lutheran (25 percent)
3. Logistics Health Inc. (16 percent)
Supper says: It seems Second Supper readers find it just a teeny bit more favorable to work for the company that keeps our cars running than the one that keeps our bodies running. Why? Perhaps because a car that’s low on gas is nowhere near as sad as a body that’s low on health. Or maybe it’s more satisfying to ask “any gas today?” than it is to try and convince someone of the necessity of a blood test. Whatever the reason, Kwik Trip: it’s not just for shopping anymore.

Employer (Small Company)
1. Pearl Street Brewery
2. Dublin Square
Supper says: It’s quite possible we know every single person who works for the Pearl Street Brewery — and they’re all pretty cool. Weird, huh?
Voters say: 97 different employers nominated. Finishing out of the money, but praiseworthy nonetheless: Pot dealers, Peaches and Your Mom.

Bank/Financial Institution
1. Altra Federal Credit Union (53 percent)
2. Marine Credit Union (11 percent)
3. Coulee Bank (9 percent)
Supper says: No one should literally put their money where their mouth is, that is unless they’re some kind of taste masochist. But figuratively speaking, it’s usually a safe bet to use some sort of federally regulated savings institution.. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the big bad banks, money barons, and world takeovers, so do your part to stifle global domination: Put your money in a friendly community credit union. And in this town, there’s no one friendlier than Altra.
Voters say: “Eat the rich.”

Local Periodical
1. La Crosse Tribune (43 percent)
2. Second Supper (25 percent)
3. Coulee Region Women (9 percent)
Supper says: That’s cold, Second Supper voters. Next month: 32 pages of Sudoku and the Love Goddess!
Voters say: Forget it, we’re not telling you what the voters say. Go ask the Tribune. She’s the one you want. This breakup will get ugly.

Tattoo Parlor
1. Mind Altering Tattoos(36 percent)
2. Blue Line (25 percent)
3. Twisted Skull Studios (24 percent)
Supper says: If you’re going to get your body altered, you may as well alter your mind while you’re at it. We were planning to have that tattooed in Chinese lettering, beneath an Irish cross, on our lower back, but the fine folks at the venerable Mind Altering Tattoo talked us out of it. No wonder they’re the best.

Budget Entertainment
1. Rivoli Theater (77 percent)
2. Pettibone Disc Golf (6 percent)
3. Riverside Amusement Park: (5 percent)
Supper says: The general consensus is that Hollywood puts out terrible movies these days, so why drop ten bucks on a ticket just to suffer through some loud explosions or a trite romance? Instead, grab some cheap Rivoli tickets, a pitcher of microbrews, and a pizza. You’ll love every movie at the Rivoli!
Voters say: “I sure hope this is spilled soda on my seat.”

Radio Station
1. The Rock 95.7 (28 percent)
2. Z-93 93.3 (24 percent)
3. Classic Rock 101.1 (22 percent)
Supper says: Put your devil horns up for community engagement! Not only does 95.7 The Rock crank some of the hardest tunes on the western Wisconsin dial, its radio personalities always seem to be out in the town, driving that painted SUV, wearing those cool shirts, and seemingly giving away a motorcycle key every single day. Because the heart of great local radio station isn’t only what comes out of the speakers, it’s what goes on inside the studio.
Voters say: “None of the above. Radio in LaX sucks balls.”

Theatre Season

1. La Crosse Community Theatre (29 percent)
2. Pump House (23 percent)
3. Muse (18 percent)
Supper says: In the always tight voting for favorite theatre season, the La Crosse Community Theatre snagged a repeat victory in 2013 — due in no part, we’re sure, to their snazzy new digs at the Weber Center for the Performing Arts. Well, OK, the new theatre is pretty nice, but it’s probably the audience-friendly productions that once again put LCT over the top.
Voters say: “I love that we have an off-center theatre in town.”

Art Space
1. Pump House (54 percent)
2. Root Note (20 percent)
3. Grand River Station Gallery (7 percent)
Supper says: It always helps when art is hung in a building that could itself be considered a piece of art. Who would’ve thought an old pumping station on King Street would provide a perfect place to display the great works of talented local artists? Was it an artist, or just someone who likes art? Doesn’t matter, this place is well suited for both, and will turn one who is neither artist nor art lover into one or the other .
Voters say: “Get more.”

Bowling Alley
1. All-Star Lanes (36 percent)
2. Pla-More Lanes (25 percent)
3. South Lanes (16 percent)
Supper says: What makes All-Star Lanes the all-star of La Crosse bowling alleys? It could be the tradition, the cheap bowling nights, or even the excellent pizza. But what definitely makes it La Crosse’s favorite bowling alley are all the bowlers and voters who came together to make it so. You’re the 7-10 split of newspaper democracy.

Trivia Night

1. DJ Trivia (31 percent)
2. Popcorn Tavern (20 percent)
3. Buffalo Wild Wings (19 percent)
Supper says: A certain independent newspaper editor and weekly Popcorn Tavern trivia host may be a little despondent that he didn’t collect more votes, but we can’t deny the people what they want. And what they want, clearly, are the fun-loving hosts of DJ Trivia, scattered throughout the city on nearly every night of the week. With a game that combines pop music jams, video screens, and the thrill of being the smartest person on a barstool, DJ Trivia is the right answer just about every night of the week.
Voters say: “Bissen is the best.” We do not think a certain independent newspaper editor wrote that comment. We don’t. Really.

Local Politician
1. Ron Kind (36 percent)
2. Jennifer Shilling (29 percent)
3. Tim Kabat (18 percent)
Supper says: Who would have guessed that the flaxen-haired Democratic boy wonder who grew up in La Crosse, set football records at Logan High School, quarterbacked the team at Harvard, attended the London School of Economics, earned a law degree at Minnesota, won six consecutive congressional races, became an esteemed leader on agricultural issue and a prime candidate for governor would ever be popular among Second Supper voters? Guess politics will surprise you. Congratulations, Ron Kind. You win again.
Voters say: “Any Republican.” And “Republicans can’t be favorites?” Perhaps our readership is shifting? Of course, we can rely on some readers: “They’re all crooked.” “They’re all puppets.” “Not one person in politics is actually there for the people.”

Local Celebrity/Character
1. Peaches (47 percent)
2. Great River Singers (22 percent)
3. Dan Breeden (14 percent)
Supper says: If you don’t know who this vibrant vixen is by now, you must be living under Grandad’s Bluff. You know that saying “dance like no one is watching”? Yeah, Peaches wrote that. Our days get just a little brighter when we spot her rockin’ out with her bad self, singin’, gyratin’, or hula-hoopin’ along the sidewalk. Look up “Peachez” on Facebook and join the other 3,100-plus fans if you want to see what she’s up to next. Really, though, you can’t miss her. Like she writes on her page, “pEAChEs d0Nt cARe wHErE shE bE sHe w0Rk iT !”